Raise Cumberland UP is a newly founded Non-Profit that was founded to focus on the troubles in our community. We are based out of Cumberland County New Jersey

We have two motto that we feel stongly about.

1. "We do not except or ask for any unearned charity". Which means we will never except a donation without returning something to you.
2. "Enjoying life while helping our community". We are constantly looking for ways to save the citizens ,of our great county, money on events and items they already enjoy very much while at the same time they are helping their community with every purchase they make from us.
The hearts and dreams of our citizens, just like many other communities across America, have been sadden because of the recession the whole world is currently in.
As we sit here today, the homeless problem is rising. Approximately 40 percent of homeless people are unsheltered and donated food supplies are dwindling. Generally, low incomes and high housing costs, combined with a lack of supportive services for those who need them, make many people vulnerable to homelessness. Ultimately, as the nation moves to address the debt and deficit crises, it will be essential to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable of our citizens are prioritized in order to avoid increased homelessness, suffering, and cost.
Raise Cumberland UP moves to provide for these less fortunate. Our mission is to provide clothing, food and education to these citizens. We move to support our local non-profits. Major nonprofits such as  La Casa Prac and The Dream Center of Vineland are a major supporter of our cause . We truly believe in these two Non-profits mission and their out reach to our community.  
While striving to make our mission a success we have called on to local businesses in our community. In the last few months we have built a lot of relationships with local businesses, both large and small and we wish to pass that on to you.